Friday, 2 May 2014

SALSA FARGO: The Pack Mule and Me

The Salsa Fargo! I picked it up in New Haven Connecticut in January at the Devil's Gear Bike Shop. This baby is a cadillac and big honkin pickup truck with fat tires. It is a smooth operator, tough, solid and capable of carrying a heavy load (not me! The gear!). The rig is heavier than a higher end mountain bike to improve durability and load gear on to yet it rolls along at a decent pace.

This baby is geared to carry me over all kinds of terrain and through all types of weather for 25 days with me and everything I need on it...only 4418kms - from Banff to the Mexican border, like biking Halifax to Calgary.
The trusty steed! Treat me well my friend!
What you see above is the full load packed on - this is everything I will have on the bike other than me: tent in front left; sleeping bag in front right; sleeping clothes in handebar roll bag/dry bag; tools/repair and safety supplies in frame bag; clothing in seat bag; two of three bottle on; Garmin, light and computer on bars; small amount of snacks in gas can bag on top tube. This is my present set up however I may make some minor adjustments. I will also have a backpack on with a hydration bladder and room for items that I may need quickly like bear spray, whislte, knife, rain gear, and some safety items.

Home away from Home for 25 sleeps!
Some Sleep gear and other items!

Yes! All this and more does go on the Beast!

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