Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Seeing the Gentleman at the Olympics run down to assist the Olympic Cross Country Skier from another country by giving him a ski to replace his broken one reminded me of the kindness others often display. Hearing of a person go to Tim Horton's and pay for coffee for the next person or next 10 people is another act of kindness. Going out of your way to assist a complete stranger is yet another. Simply opening doors, letting others go first, giving your seat up for someone else, and simply saying please and thank you are all acts of kindness that are important yet at times seem to be non-existent.

I often feel obliged to buy for friends or pay for meals or refreshments when we meet for drinks or dinner. Even though I likely should not be doing so given my other financial commitments and extra-ordinary expenses it makes me feel good to be able to do so. After all, why work hard and make money if you can't spend it and spend it on family and friends. I think differently than a lot of people....I came into the world broke and I am gonna leave this world broke. I live for today and far too often spend like there is no tomorrow (it may not be a good thing but it works for me)!

I think I am getting softer as I age. I have always cared about others and the impact I have on them. I regularly think through things I do asking myself how it will affect family and friends while trying to discern the influence it will have on things and people. Over the years I have realized that this is actually a great trait. I have also realized it is likely the reason I have been given so many great opportunities in life...because I care!

All this thought of kindness and caring reminded me of this movie that I watched a number of years ago, and I truly enjoyed it...watch the trailer and check out the movie if you get a chance. You will enjoy it! Pay your Kindness forward and influence others in a thoughtful, caring, and positive way! You will feel great about it and they will glow inside and out....OK, MAYBE I AM GETTING SOFT!

I will show you another clip next blog showing 'acts of kindness' that I watched a while back and it is awesome as well...stay tuned.

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