Monday, 3 February 2014


The Tour Divide mountain bike race is 2745 miles of beauty and the beast. Here are a few key points and interesting facts:

  • 2745 miles or more
  • Over 200000 feet of climbing (equivalent of 7 Mount Everests)
  • Over 80% of route is on single track, hiking paths, logging roads, or gravel.
  • Route goes from Alberta to BC across the border into Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and through New Mexico to the finish at the Mexican border.
  • Travel through Mountain Lion and Grizzly Bear country in the mountains into snake and spider country in the desert. Mosquitoes and Dogs are issues as well.
  • Weight is also the enemy. Gotta travel light, keep the weight packed on the bike as light as possible, and reduce some body weight too.
  • My goal is to complete 100-120 miles per day for 25 days or less which is at least 10 hours per day on the bike working the pedals.
  • There will be brief stops in small towns or at gas stops to replenish food and fluids and have a hot meal and a pop or two!! 
  • The plan is to sleep on the ground in my one man tent although I may consider treating myself to a hotel room (and a hot bath) halfway through the adventure if I can find one.
  • The major issues in planning at present are finding the proper ultra-light gear at a decent price and planning for the unpredictable weather possibilities (and not packing too much).

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