Friday, 31 January 2014


I've been chasing after goals and dreams my whole life, a chase that often is driven by those who have said 'you can't' or 'you shouldn't'. To those that have doubted me, thank you. More importantly, I often get my mind set on things or it wanders in different directions trying to find another challenge or something better to accomplish. My friend, as noted yesterday, wished he could dive into things like I do but often can't bring himself to do it. There too are things I wanted to do but have not yet found the way to get it done but there are way more that I have gone after and captured!

Case in point: When I was 15 I had a need to move from home even though some wondered why...I did! When I was 16 I purchased my first vehicle when some questioned how I would pay for it...I did! When I was 18 in my first year of University I tried out for the varsity hockey team when some said I didn't have a chance...I made it! I married at 21 in my third year of University and some questioned it...we have been going strong ever since. We had one child then before we knew it we had four and people thought it was too has been our best decision ever! We travelled extensively through University, and as a family, going to Florida more than I can count and other places, camping, purchasing big trucks and trailers and people often asked 'how?' ...we just did it! I was a weight lifting mesomorphic hockey player that was challenged by friends to do an Ironman Triathlon out of University...I have since competed in four and numerous long distance running events! I've taken two leaves from my teaching job to pursue other things while others said 'why?'...I did it anyway! Two of our kids left home at 14 years of age to pursue academics and athletics 3300 kms away, some couldn't believe we let them go...we did and it was a great choice. I've earned opportunity to work with professional hockey players and an NHL team as a guest coach...some have said that must be was and I loved it! Even now some question my desire to spend 25 days away from home biking 2745 miles of the Tour Divide...I understand your scepticism and I thank you for further motivating me...I just have to!

I am not special although I may be different and I do understand things I have done may not fit with what others would do or consider right. I have a need to do things that I want to do and a love for challenge especially those that are emotionally, mentally, and physically demanding. It is not for every one and it often comes with a price and sacrifice.

There is much I want to accomplish and a lot of things tend to stand in the way. One of the many challenges is for me to find a way to work around them or drive right through them to reach my destination.

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