Thursday, 9 January 2014

212: The Extra Degree

Can you work harder?

In coaching elite hockey players I do my best to push them hard in order to get the best out of them and help them become better. I often tell them that they need to work harder and they've got more to give even though they think they are working as hard as they can. I firmly believe that they, and the majority of us, can work harder, give more, and in the end get more out of ourselves.

I also know it is human nature to play it safe in most instances as an innate preservation mechanism. Those that can regularly push beyond these mechanisms likely are the athletes that are able to perform at the top of their game in a given sport - this applies in the work place as well. I can tell you from personal experiences that there are Professional Hockey players that I am fortunate to work with that are capable of doing this (and I still encourage them to work harder!). These guys are often respected not just for their awesome skill level but for their ability to work harder than everyone else in a relentless unforgiving pursuit of excellence and success. They too are normally looked upon as the leaders on their team.

Personal development will come easier and sometimes quicker to those that work harder than others and certainly to those that can push beyond their perceived limitations. Natural skill is always nice in any sport or field of work but skill without the work ethic, determination, and consistency driving it will be surpassed by those with both firing together.

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212: The Extra Degree

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