Monday, 6 January 2014


PART 3: I am not sure that the run that I had was as long as this email that I put together afterward but this is it! The Final Installment...

PLAYHARD - Today Matters!
I recently bought a Road ID to wear on my wrist for those times when I am out for a long run or bike just in case something goes wrong and 'PLAYHARD - Today Matters!' is the motivational quote I added. What you do today really counts. So many things can go wrong or get missed if you wait til tomorrow to do something you are wanting to do today. It might be as simple as calling a friend, going for a workout, or buying something you need (or want!) - find time, fit it in today, and enjoy it! Don't procrastinate. 

Take Time and don't always allow the cost or work to get in the way!
It may not be right but we sometimes get caught spending money like it is going out of style and there is no tomorrow! Our children and things related to them get the lions share of our dough but it is almost always a worth-while investment. We occasionally take time off work without pay to do something with family or for ourselves or we will spend money, sometimes money we don't have, to travel or do things out of the ordinary. To us it is important to take time for us, for our family for our mental and emotional well-being! Too many people avoid taking time in this manner worrying about tomorrow or about what someone might say. Take care of you and yours first and everything else will fall into place over time. Don't stress about the things that matter the least.

Be Accountable and Encourage Accountability!
Knowing that people trust you and feel like they can count on you is very rewarding. Following through, doing the right things, working hard, being on time, taking pride in the quality of your work, positive interaction, etc, etc…these are all traits that build character and confidence in yourself and others. I've noticed, through the last 20 years of teaching and 25 years of coaching, a decline in the ability of our youth to deal effectively with various adverse situations or challenges. Part of it is due to the fact that many have the best of everything and as parents we go out of our way to do as much as possible for our kids sheltering them from a lot of things that could cause them discomfort. Dropping everything to drive your child here and there, calling a coach or teacher on their behalf rather than having them call, wheelie gear bags, $300 hockey sticks and $800 hockey skates, cell phone, video games, not being able to find a way to understand that consistent mistakes need to be managed in some way to encourage improvement, not listening intently, unable to ask questions or to form thought to ask appropriate questions in one on one or group situations - these are just some areas that have been of issue (for me) over the last few years. Help others understand the expectations and encourage them to be accountable for their performance and start setting the standard yourself!

Listen to Christmas Music!
This is funny but true and I love December! If you want to relax and hear about all the good in life - listen to Christmas music! I usually listen to soft rock/pop or easy listening music which draws me to stations like 92.9, C100 and 96.5 or even some country channels. The first week of December 92.9 starts playing 24 hour Christmas Tunes and I tune in while in the car, at home, or on a run or bike. For everything that is nice or positive in the world today - Christmas Music is it! Too much of the stuff kids listen to today in the heavy metal, rap, and pop categories is related to violence, drugs, sex, with questionable language or innuendo. I love Christmas Music! It lifts the spirits, creates positive emotion, and encourages to think about family and friends, and normally puts all in great spirit.

Well, that is about it! My friends will tell me I'm getting soft and will chirp me about this yet we will share many laughs together. I hope this might brighten your day and help you along the way into the new year! Again, THANK YOU!

Happy Winter, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Brad Crossley

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