Sunday, 5 January 2014


ANOTHER ROUND....Part 2 (I am long-winded!!)

Surround Yourself with Passionate and Positive People!
Fortunately I have been blessed with a supportive wife, a wonderful family, and great friends. My wife Leslie very rarely questions anything I want to do even though she likely has to sacrifice more than I do for me to do it! I have awesome friends that have similar interests whether it be while coaching hockey, teaching, training, or just hanging out. I work with people in the school system that are inspired by helping others grow, develop, achieve success. Without this positive support network, my life would be a disaster and I am very thankful for their influence on me. I also thank you if you were one of those that have, at one time or other, challenged my ability to maintain a positive outlook - you too have helped me understand people and situations and encouraged me to take a step forward.

Take Time to Treat People Like They Really Matter and You Really Care!
In our busy world this is often missed by many. In teaching it is one of the things that I really take time to do - it is important in my profession and to the success that I have had as a teacher and coach. The little things you say and do and the tone of your delivery really make a difference to most if not all people. Take time to think how your words/actions will impact on others before you throw them out there. Take pride in helping others feel better about who they are and what they do. This makes a huge difference and will have long-lasting effects on those in your life. I don't think anyone knows this unless they have received a call from me...At the end of every school year, when us teachers are rejoicing, I take a moment to call at least one person, a former teacher or coach, to thank them for making a positive influence on me when I was younger. It takes only a few minutes but it makes a BIG impact on  both of us and I know they appreciated it from the tone of their voice and conversation. It is a small way for me to give thanks and reflect fondly on days gone by.

Please, Thank you, I'm Sorry, Your Right, and Meaningful Compliments:
I've notice that the children (and adults) today have difficulty with these things. How easy is it to do! Today's younger generation treat one-another very poorly and as educators it seems we spend more and more time managing personalities, managing conflict, and teaching children how to communicate in respectful ways. Many, not all, find it so much easier to be cruel and walk away than be nice and stick around - it is a serious issue! Take time to open a door, let someone go ahead in line, take a turn, and say something kind to someone. Please's and Thank you's are so easy and have long-lasting effects and compliments can make a person shine inside and out! Make an impact with a kind word or unexpected good deed today - it is something that I am trying to improve upon daily.

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