Saturday, 11 January 2014


I often value 'hard work' over all else in athletics especially hockey. My line to my own kids when dropping them off at the rink has always been 'Play Hard and Have Fun' and when they've asked for my input it has always been "If you can be the hardest working player on the ice I will leave the rink happy." On most occasions they have attempted to be so and it has helped them be better athletes and contributors to team success.

There is however a difference or void between working hard as it relates to being successful. I love the words "Don't confuse activity for achievement!" There are often times when we work hard but accomplish little or nothing at all. The quality, consistency, and execution of the hard work needs to be refined in order to produce a winning product and in team sport that is magnified because success relies on more than just one player doing so.

Into the new year our Dalhousie University Men's Hockey team has played outstanding, determined hockey. Each and every player has worked extremely hard in all aspects of the game and in preparing for each as well. In fact, we have out-worked our competitors throughout the majority of our 4 games in 2014 either earning leads or fighting back to even after being down only to make a poorly timed mistake leading to untimely goals against allowing for momentum swings. We had leads in each of our first three games only to squander them in the back half of the game or in the third period - these are games, based on our effort/work ethic, we should have won. The problem was we didn't have enough of the other ingredients.

Finally last evening, with the same great effort, we were rewarded with a win and fought back after being down 3-1 against SFX to score four consecutive goals (last one an empty netter). WE worked consistently hard for 60 minutes of hockey, we made less errors, and we capitalized on the other teams miscues with our own quality play and execution. Needless to say it was an important win for our team moral and we are very proud of our players - it was great to see them finally get rewarded for their efforts.

So, hard work alone isn't enough but it is a great starting point. Add in some 'special spices' and you can enjoy the sweet taste of success!

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