Thursday, 16 January 2014

TRUST: A Powerful Word

Is not the word 'Trust' one of the most important words in our vocabulary? There are others like 'Family', 'Love', 'Honesty' and more but 'Trust' is so important.

If you think about it:

Driving down the road in your car at 50, 70, or 100kms an hour with another coming toward you only 10 feet apart. How much trust does that take!

Having others care for, coach, and or educate your children...serious trust as well.

Putting gas in your car or ordering and eating a meal before paying for it...there is some trust there too!

Starting an engine with a spark (fire) while connected to a tank of need to trust it is put together well and working properly especially if you are sitting on it!

Eating food prepared by total strangers in an unknown environment...we trust all is clean and prepared with quality in mind.

Travelling by plane, train, bus, motorcycle or automobile maintained and driven by someone else...amazing amount of trust involved.

Banks, employers, doctors, dentists, police officers, firemen etc much do we need to trust these professionals!!!

Relationships, team work, and on and on...

A number of years ago when I was coaching Junior Hockey a college recruiter called me about a player. He asked me a few basic questions about the player's ability and character then he asked a simple question knowing that I had four young kids: "Would you trust him to take care of your kids for the weekend?"...I hesitated. My hesitation was all he needed - the player didn't play for him!

To be trusted and be placed in situations to have it tested, and passing the test, is one of the ultimate ways to earn respect. Earning the trust of others will open a world of possibilities but beware....."Trust is like paper, once it is crumpled it can't be perfect again!"

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