Friday, 10 January 2014

GETTING MOTIVATED! Strength In Numbers...

I love motivation, motivational quotes and anything that helps inspire me and others. This frequently leads me to surfing the Internet for motivational stories, video, pictures, words of wisdom, and human accomplishment. This week two of my kids even sent me a couple nice clips:

Although I don't consider myself an overly religious person I occasionally take time to tune into and watch a 'preacher' out of Texas named Joel Osteen. I watch not because I want to be saved or be re-born, I watch  because he always has an inspirational message, tells a few good jokes, and is passionate about what he is doing - helping others. I laugh at myself sometimes (and just chuckled writing this part) when I reflect on doing this stuff.

It is important to not only be self motivated, which is the best kind, but to lean on others and their experiences or messages to help guide you to bigger and better successes. Many of us have home exercise equipment and have great intentions of using it and do so lots during the honeymoon stage before it collects dust. It may be better to take those funds and join a gym where you can get away from the comforts of home and around others who are training or maybe find a training partner or two to exercise with at the gym or on the road. In my experience this has been a better way to go.

Over the last few years I've avoided reading newspapers and watching the news. I've found that there is so much focus on negative and criminal activity that it is discouraging and leaves you shaking your head wondering what's wrong with our society. I actually watch very little TV other than sporting events. I am reading more and often purchase magazines such as Runners World, Triathlete, Bicycling, and Outside. Recent books I've read are Outliers, The Talent Code, What Makes Winners Win, Road to the NHL, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, What It Takes To Be Number One, and Talent is Over-Rated.

If you are looking for ways to get or stay motivated don't be afraid to lean on something or seek out others who can help you on your way. There certainly is strength in numbers!

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