Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Risk and Reward: JUST GO FOR IT!

Often times we spend too much time stuck in a grove, spinning our wheels, treading water to stay afloat and not moving forward. Are we worried about the risk required to advance? Do we avoid making the effort to get ahead? Is the cost holding you back? Is there not enough time? Are you worried about what others will think or say if you push on? Are other influences clouding your vision and controlling your existence? If you answered yes to any of these you may be struggling to find satisfaction in your daily lives and could be feeling unsure about what the future holds for you.
Where you are and where you want to be - make the jump!
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We all have priorities that require our time, energy and commitment. Children, family, employment, and paying bills come to mind. If you are happy with these things, find yourself in a good place, maybe in your dream job, and doing the things with family and friends that fully satisfy you...that is awesome. I bet there are still things you hope to accomplish and want to achieve. If you are content or not and if you still want to move forward and experience more, I suggest you think it through and "Go For It!"

It is difficult to jump out of our comfort zone at times and I am as guilty of this as anyone. However I have been taking more risks over the last few years and have been finding ways to continue to push the limits of my own existence, much of it through fitness, physical challenges and coaching. I have been running marathons or 50k's, competing once again in Ironman Triathlons, am working on ice with professional hockey players, returned to coach University hockey, and even writing this blog are examples of this and there are more in the works.

I encourage you to take intelligent risks and experience the reward associated with your effort and experience. Take the Leap of Faith, Believe in You, Make the Jump, and BE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE!

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