Monday, 13 January 2014

SEIZE THE DAY...not the schedule!

I, like many, live by a schedule. I have a schedule for my coaching, a schedule for individual player development and for guest coaching, a schedule for my son's games and practices here at home, a schedule that I follow for my daughter and son that play in the USA, I have a schedule for the Major Midget team that I help run, a schedule for travel, a schedule to pay bills, and I have a schedule I follow five days a week at work from 8am-3pm. In the summer I have a schedule for helping my kids mow lawns, for hockey camps, for my kids camps and training programs, for the kids work commitments, and for my own training/racing commitments. How many damn schedules does one person need to have?!?

Honestly, schedules are killers! I understand the need to be organised and have structure. I know that there are commitments that need to be taken care of. But, I now understand that living by a schedule and many of them, by looking to see what's up for tomorrow, the next day or the coming weekend, we end up missing parts of the day we are in, rushing through it to get to the next one, and just focusing on things too far ahead!

When I was an adolescent I couldn't wait to begin school, when I was in primary I couldn't wait to go to grade 1, when I was in elementary I couldn't wait for Junior High, Junior High to High School, High School to University, I couldn't wait to play at the next highest level in sport, I couldn't wait to be 16 to start to drive or get my own car, I couldn't wait til the age of 19 to go downtown, I couldn't wait to get outta school and make money...and so on and so is like a disease!

Living by a schedule or moving to the 'next best thing' all those years and doing so through my playing, coaching and now my teaching career, allowed time to pass me by lightening fast and I can't understand how I let it happen. My kids have grown but I seem to have missed a lot of it. I've gotten older, my hair is going grey, my feet hurt, I have a harder time getting and staying fit, and I think more about living life harder and getting more out of it before I am too old to do so or my time runs out!

I failed to live in the moment and 'seize the day' in parts of my first 47 years. Now I want those years back! Knowing that isn't happening it is time to find ways to live better now and make the most out my time in the present. I still need a plan and some passion but the multiple schedules gotta go - over a short time I will take care of that too.

Carpe Diem.

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