Saturday, 19 April 2014


Easter Sunday! Happy Easter to all. I think I will set the bike down for the day and give my tired legs a little rest after some good training rides the past 11 days which included 8 Rides, 26 hours on the seat, and 431kms.
The 'Beast' loaded up at Lawrencetown Beach near home.
The Salso Fargo is a beast! A bicycle made specifically for off road bike-packing, it rides like a Cadillac not a Ferrari. It is smooth, quiet, sturdy, handles solidly in various road conditions, and carries momentum when churning the pedals with a consistent cadence. My position on it is good and I have a variety of hand positions available and can shift my weight on the seat by placing hands in the drops, up on the hoods, across the top bars, or with elbows on the aero bars. The one thing I am not pleased about are the disc brakes which need to be adjusted to react better, smoother, with less grinding noise when compressing them.

I've completed 5 straight days of riding this week in below zero temperatures starting out and warming up slightly above near the end. The rides consisted of 5hrs, 1.5hrs, 4hrs, 3hrs, and 4hrs. I am feeling comfortable, am getting stronger and my rear-end is not complaining about the saddle telling me I can go longer if time permits. One of my training goals early on was getting consistent mid-range time on the bike turning the pedals - done! Second was to get the Tour gear on and feeling the weight a few times - done!

Moving forward, I have to maintain the frequency of my rides but increase the time/distance by getting out for regular spins of 6 hours and longer. I also have to attempt a couple over night tours to test the gear out through the ride and setting up - tearing down my camp gear and sleeping system. I hope to do this more into May when it warms up and dries out a little more.

I am getting in the groove and training habits are forming where I wake up and my body and mind want and need to ride - consistency is paying off. I want to ride Easter Sunday but I could use the day to rest and recover to come back with bigger and better rides this coming week. Well, for now, putting the legs up and lying the bike down for a day.

Hope the Bunny visits you! Hop On...ooops,...Rock On!

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