Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Trains, Planes and Automobiles…
Train to Boston
My son Brady and I hopped on a train today to travel from UNH in Durham New Hampshire to Boston to get on an airplane to Detroit then onward to Milwaukee before driving a rental car through to Green Bay. The train took us right underneath TD Garden where Brad Marchand and the Boston Bruins play. As luck would have it, Brad notified us that the Bruins had the day off Monday but would practice Tuesday at 1130am if we would like to attend…we had to be at the airport prior to that time so we were outta luck.

Plane Turbulance into Detroit.
It was Brady’s first time on a train and one of the few times just he and I have had a chance to travel together without his mom or others with us. Needless to say we are having a blast and I have enjoyed our first few days on this adventure.

The last few days at UNH were great. We hung out with Alexis, did a little shopping, ate lots of food, had nice conversation, cooked a Roast Pork Dinner for her and her housemates, Brady drove her scooter, and I also had a chance to visit former UNH Hockey coach Brian McCloskey to share notes on our upcoming Tour Divide and get a ride on the bikes too.

Brady and Alexis cruising around at UNH
before our travel day began.
With some recent decisions Alexis and Brett are facing, the trip has given me some time for reflection. The independence my kids exhibit has truly impressed me. Alexis turns 20 in 6 days and has been living on her own 1000’s of kms away for six years now while attending school and playing hockey. She is highly organized and driven. Haley, with a vibrant and caring personality, has transitioned into University life at Acadia and away from home without blinking an eye. She too at 18 has no issues doing her own thing and finding success through hard work and perseverance. Brett, now 15, is close to completing his second year at Shattuck St. Mary’s in Minnesota and continues to thrive in the classroom, with a 93% average, and on the ice with the U16 team. He rarely finds the need or time to call home which sometimes causes us concern but we know it is because he is self sufficient and surrounded by good people in a great place.  Brady, my youngest at 13, has awesome character and is still trying to find his way. He is mature, developing independence, and is turning into quite an athlete wanting to pursue private schooling and a possible move to a New England Prep School for Hockey and Lacrosse and, of course, academics.

The challenge that life presents for our kids is ever present and welcome. It has always been important for us to step out of our comfort zone and we expect our kids to do the same. They face adversity daily and have responded in ways that have made us proud. We continually tell them to enjoy the moment and live well today but to never sit back and let things pass you by. So far they have been surpassing expectations and we couldn’t be more proud.

The view entering Green Bay after a
long travel day!
Onward to Green Bay and our 6th time at the USA National Youth Hockey Championships! Brett just texted us noting he had arrived and was asking when we would do the same. We are only minutes away and look forward to seeing him.

Go Shattuck! Go Brett!

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