Saturday, 29 March 2014

Change, Experiences, Adversity, and Doing Right!

Life builds character and adversity reveals it!

My parents divorced and my father left when I was four. I don't really remember any years before that and I didn't ever really know him as I didn't see him much after that. Unfortunately I didn't really ever feel I had a family growing up (because we were separated and separated by provinces as well) even though I have two sisters whom I love and a mom that did everything for me throughout my early years. My sisters went with my father in that 4th year and thankfully we re-connected many years later.

The things I do remember from my adolecent years relate mostly to hockey, lacrosse, and friendships. I also remember living in a lot of places: Jackson Rd in Northend Dartmouth, Sylvia Avenue, Joyce Avenue, and Catamaran Road in Spryfield, Convoy Avenue in Fairview, another street in Fairview but I can't remember, Compton Avenue, Gerrish Street and Northwood Terrace near the old bridge in North end Halifax, Oxford Street, Purcells Cove Road, back to Oxford Street then it was onward to the South End and University life. Not sure why my mom and I moved so much but it was just the way it was and I didn't think much of it at the time and was thankful nonetheless. The few constants I do recall were my mom, later on my "Big Brother" Phil, my good friend Ray, and hockey.

I went to many schools: John MacNeil, Titus Smith, Riverview, GK Butler, St. Patrick's Alexandra, Oxford, and St Pat's High. I played minor hockey with Rockingham, Centennial, Chebucto, and with Halifax before moving on to Major Midget (AAA Midget), Junior, and University.

I worked my first job moving furniture when I was 15 years old, started teaching hockey school at the same time, took a job at National Radiator when I was 16, started working at Oland Brewery at 18, became the weekend Manager at Dalplex at 21, and worked sales jobs at Oland Brewery, Santa Fe Beverages, and United Distillers before and while settling in to a 21 year teaching career after paying for 6 years of University.

There was certainly no lack of variety and change through my early developmental years. Change was constant and I learned to adapt, survive, and succeed. I met friends quickly, was drawn to sport, did well in school, and avoided troublesome situations but saw and experienced a lot. I like to believe that all of these experiences helped develop and build my character, allows me to adapt to change, helps me communicate effectively with others of varied backgrounds, and gives me strength and perserverance when faced with challenge and adversity.

Life was and is good because I was always surrounded by people that care and that is still the case today. Trying to do the right thing and doing so on a consistent basis is an important part of living right. I've met many good people in my travels and still cross paths with many of those that I spent time with in my early years in all of those places. I appreciate each and every one of them.

"Be careful whose toes you step on today...they may somehow be connected to the a** you have to kiss tomorrow!" - as a side note, every one of those jobs I listed above I got either because I impressed someone along the way or it was someone I became aquainted with whom gave me a chance because they knew I always tried to do the right thing and I worked my butt off!

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  1. As one who was lucky enough to spend my high school days with Brad I can honestly say he was nothing less than a "ray ray" (inside joke) of sunshine. Despite a less than normal upbringing I never recall hearing the man complain once about what life handed him. I met his 'big brother' Phil and Brad was lucky to have met a stable guy like him but I also believe Phil was very lucky to meet someone like Brad. We had grown apart and just started crossing paths again as he is/was teaching my daughter phys ed. up until taking on this huge task. I think about our time together and can't help but smile thinking of that simpler time when we wore our superman capes ready to take on the what the world had to challenge us with. (we didn't really have capes we weren't that nerdy) I will be thinking about you as you challenge yourself to the max and hope you can look at each stage as us leaving your sisters walking across the commons on our way to the school dance. Keep smiling my friend. The world is a better place because of your efforts!!!!!