Saturday, 22 March 2014


Geez, just when you thought there was a glimpse of hope that spring was here and the snow and cold was going away! APRIL FOOLS!!!! Snow banks are gone, the sun was shining today, and the temp even got up to 6C! It was a beautiful day...Spring is Here!!! NOT A CHANCE!

Just heard the radio announce 5-10cm of snow tonight. They also gave a shout-out to the wonderful people at Environment Canada who issued a weather bulletin for Wednesday as well with possible up to 20cm of snow or mixed precipitation with heavy winds...YeeeHawww! Go Awayyyy!

On the bright side, it will begin to change for the better in the next couple weeks and there are many warm days ahead. Today was a wonderful example of that even though warmer would be nicer.

My day started out beautifully as the sun began to rise through the trees before 7am this morning off Montague Road.

There was still a chill in the air and the toes were cold 30 minutes in but as the morning warmed up so did they. After meeting up with my friend Terry and trekking over to Halifax across the bridge to get our buddy Ray, we were off through town touring around. The warmth of the sun was great and I was actually too warm toward the end of our ride four hours later.
It is wonderful how the sun makes one feel. Spring time is the best time of year - everything starts to come to life after the long cold winter months! Today was no exception.
My legs were toasted today after the ride. Terry had enough in him to get another hour in on the indoor trainer with another good buddy Cory. When we got back to Terry's after the ride my legs were wobbly, likely more due to not having enough nutrition and water. Terry's dog Jax looked like I felt...

Hopefully I can muster up enough energy through the afternoon today to jump on my bike indoors later this evening to get another hour in of pedalling. The time 'on the saddle' and spinning pedals is of utmost importance to build a base to start to work from before the longer 6, 8, and 10 hour training days I will have to endure through April and May.
This week will be my last week of teaching for this school year as I venture into other important things. A week from now my youngest son and I will be off to New Hampshire to see my daughter and will drop in to meet with friend and Tour Divide riding partner Brian in Massachusetts before travelling out of Boston to Green Bay Wisconsin to support my other son at the USA Hockey National Championships.
As much as you think it might, life just never slows down! Make the most out of all of it!

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