Wednesday, 26 March 2014


No more please!!!
Old man winter appeared once again just to kick us in the rear and toughen us up before hopefully receiving the spoils of spring. We got hit today with one of those weather bombs dropping 30cm of snow in a short amount of time along with high winds, white out conditions and a storm surge along the coast line here. It is hard to believe that the snow was gone and here on March 26 it is all back again.

The Neighbors dig out!
As a teacher, just like the students, these "snow days" are glorious occurrences! For my wife Leslie and I they are doubly good as we both get the day off and when all the kids were home it was usually a great day of fun. Today was good though as Leslie and Brady got to sleep in and I popped out for a mountain bike ride early before the weather hit us hard.

It turned out to be both good and bad for me though. It was good because I was able to find a few items for the Tour Divide that I have been searching for over the last two months. Unfortunately it turned out to be a costly one because the stuff didn't come cheap!!

The Trail Shop had some great items and the staff were awesome. I finally found a suitable
ultralight sleeping bag and pad and picked up a nice Osprey Talon 22 pack and water bladder with a few compression sacks and heavy duty zip lock bags.
Believe it or not, I am almost done! I have most of my gear but have to pick up a few smaller items and some bike repair pieces. I have waterproof gloves and booties with a garmin attachment being delivered this week from MEC and am awaiting the arrival of some Merino Wool undershirts from Rapha Wear as well. I hope to have a chance to test everything out in mid April as I travel down to Maine to meet up with my riding partner Brian McCloskey for an overnighter on the Downeast Sunrise Trail and 180 miles of riding.

As for now, I have two days left of teaching before I take a leave for the remainder of the school year. I start immediately with some TnT = Travel and Training. I am off to New Hampshire Saturday, training with Brian on Sunday and off to Green Bay via Boston on Tuesday for the remainder of the week with my boys Brady and Brett.

Back to reality, the snow plow just went down the street once again! Gotta go!

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