Sunday, 9 March 2014


After much deliberation I've made a tough important decision and I am extremely excited about what is going to transpire. In preparation for the Tour Divide and all that is required with training, organising, and fund-raising (for Autism NS and Children's Wish Foundation), I've taken an extended leave of absence from teaching effective March 31 for the remainder of the school year. I am thankful for the support that my school administration and the Halifax Regional School Board has given to allow this to happen (although it would be nice to get paid...haha). On top of this adventure, the time off work will also allow me to take care of some family business and travel to important sporting events and academic functions with my kids.

For fitness, the fact that I need to get on the bike for 5-10 hour rides five to six days a week is almost enough to support the decision. Add to that other things that I believe I need to do such as strength training, a few yoga sessions, massage, some flexibility work, wilderness survival training, a bike maintenance course, meetings with members of Autism NS and Children's Wish, keeping my team members (sponsors) updated, a few overnight training excursions, and overall trip/route planning....I will be kept quite busy!

Outside of this personal health and fitness focus my wife would like me to do some painting around the house, I want to do some planning and organisation with our Dalhousie Tigers Men's Hockey program, and I need to organise Major Midget Evaluation camp and sort out my summer hockey school schedule. Just to add to all that, I will be coaching spring hockey and also travelling to Green Bay, PEI, New Hampshire, Montreal, Minnesota, and Sherbrooke at different times before heading to Banff for the TD Race the second week of June.

Many would suggest that I am not taking the smartest route to financial well-being but for me there is more important things to chase after than the almighty dollar! Financial success may not be in the picture and I can live with that at the present time. Gotta hit the road or get on the trainer, Play Hard and Have Fun!

Doctor T and me gettin fit!

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